Music Production - Mixing - Mastering

Vi-ViD Brighton began operations in 2010 with a mobile rig, and specialised in recording choirs, classical ensemble and folk bands live and in concert hall venues.

Since the studio in Brighton was built the mobile rig has
been idle - but it is now re-wired and ready to go! From a simple 2 mic live concert recording of classical or acoustic music (up to 24 microphones supported), to a full-blown 32 channel direct off the desk session - get in touch to find out more.

Now available in Brittany! Based from the new studio currently being built near Merleac.

For acoustic music I have a matched pair of Beyer MC930 microphones, a Rode NT4 stereo mic, and a modified Chinese stereo ribbon mic that sounds lush! These through the pristine mic preamps of the Metric Halo ULN-2 will give you a stunningly natural and 3 dimensional sound. Lots of other classic mics, AKG 414, 1960s valve Gefell UM57 etc.

For band recordings off the sound desk at a gig, direct to DAW through the Metric Halo and Audient converters.

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